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Experience the Mercedes-Benz Museum and Mercedes-Benz Classic digitally

Experience the Mercedes-Benz Museum and Mercedes-Benz Classic digitally
Museum guide Damian Dabrowski takes the Instagram community along on an interactive tour through the special exhibition “40 years G-Class” (Photo: Daimler)

160 vehicles and a total of 1,500 exhibits in a building which has received much architectonic renown: This is the Mercedes-Benz Museum – a crowd-puller with more than 800,000 visitors from all over the world every year. Thanks to digital formats, it is also possible to explore it from afar.

A tour through the 16,500 square metres of the exhibition can stretch up to five kilometres. On the Museum’s website it only takes a few clicks to compile an experience to suit individual wishes. The website provides information and 360-degree shots of all seven Legend and five Collection rooms with their vehicles (http://mb4.me/Rundgang).
Every visit to the Museum is a unique experience. A web series focuses on this perspective and documents tours with various protagonists. These include Jutta Benz, who has a special connection to the Museum since she is the great-granddaughter of the inventor of the automobile Carl Benz and his wife Bertha (http://mb4.me/JuttaBenz). Or Bernd Mayländer, who has been driving the safety car in Formula 1 for twenty years (http://mb4.me/BerndMaylaender2). The series continues with Dr Ulrike Groos, Director of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (Stuttgart Art Museum), Gorden Wagener, Daimler AG’s Chief Design Officer, and Benedikt Weiler, curator of the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
The guides at the Mercedes-Benz Museum have countless stories to tell about the exhibits of the permanent exhibition and the architecture. They share their enthusiasm and astonishing facts with visitors on tours onsite and on Instagram. There are stories about the highlights of the permanent exhibition (http://mb4.me/MuseumTour) as well as about the current special exhibition “40 years Mercedes-Benz G-Class” with fascinating facts about the legendary cross-country vehicle (http://mb4.me/40Jahre_G_Klasse). Additional interactive tours on the Museum’s Instagram channel @mercedesbenzmuseum are planned.
On his discovery tour through the Museum, successful YouTuber Shmee150 presents five little-known facts about Mercedes-Benz and the predecessor brands in 180-degree virtual reality format: http://mb4.me/Top5. Viewers can also look around the museum themselves by means of the mouse pointer or by moving their smartphone.
For those wishing to spend more time, an entire tour is available which shows the Mercedes-Benz Museum by night. The film was made in the course of the event “Night at the Museum” with bloggers and influencers who were permitted to stay inside the Museum overnight (http://mb4.me/Nachts_im_Museum).
Mercedes-Benz Classic offers a far reaching variety of digital formats. ALL TIME STARS, the archives and collection, the Classic Center, the official brand clubs and much more are part of it. The comprehensive website https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/classic/ gives an overview.
The digital channels include further offerings connected to classic automobiles with the star. With the quiz “Which classic car suits you?” under http://mb4.me/Quiz, it takes just a few clicks for users to find out which dream car from the approximately 135 years of brand history corresponds to their individual personality. The “Which Classic for whom” guide provides an overview with examples (http://mb4.me/Ratgeber).
The Mercedes-Benz Magazine app for mobile end devices invites users to come and browse. This app makes it possible to read the Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine and all of the brand’s other magazines free of charge. It is available for Android under http://mb4.me/MercedesMagazin_android and for iOS under http://mb4.me/MercedesMagazin_iOS.
Source: http://mb4.me/Rundgang

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