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Frankfurt exhibition grounds get back to business

Frankfurt exhibition grounds get back to business
Frankfurt exhibition grounds (Photo: Messe Frankfurt/Jaquemin)

Trade fairs, congresses and conventions with over 100 people can once again take place in Frankfurt with strict safety precautions in place.

Messe Frankfurt is looking ahead with confidence. “We believe that this decision sets a precedent for the event industry and for the economy as a whole,” says Wolfgang Marzin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Messe Frankfurt. Fellow Executive Board member Uwe Behm, who is responsible for guest fairs and for the operation of the exhibition grounds, adds that: “Together with our medical advisers, in close cooperation with the Health Department of the City of Frankfurt and with the support of the State of Hesse, we have developed a sophisticated safety and hygiene concept for holding trade fairs and congresses on the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds.”

The Messe Frankfurt Executive Board has made it clear that ensuring the health and safety of all employees, exhibitors and visitors is its top priority. With an area of approx. 600,000 square metres – equivalent to 84 football pitches – the Frankfurt exhibition grounds offer the space necessary to accommodate large numbers of people while maintaining the required social distancing. Not only do trade fairs and congresses draw responsible individuals interested in doing business, but events also benefit from professional and proactive crowd and visitor management. Furthermore, Messe Frankfurt’s professional hygiene management system draws on expert medical advice, and its spacious, high-ceilinged exhibition halls are supplied with large volumes of fresh air. Air in the exhibition halls can be fully replaced by fresh air as frequently as five times per hour.
Safety measures also include the provision of protective equipment, such as face masks and disinfectants, and ensuring the availability of medical care and expert medical advice. Buildings will now be cleaned even more frequently, while employees, hosts and hostesses, lift operators, service and catering personnel will receive special training.
All event participants will be subjected to a comprehensive registration process, and visitor numbers will be limited. Tickets will be issued for particular dates and make use of specific time slots for admission.

To avoid placing additional burdens on local public transport, visitors will be encouraged to travel to the event by car, with extensive parking and shuttle services available. Close contact will be further limited thanks to contactless access controls, electronic admission tickets and electronic payment. Aisles in the exhibition halls will be widened and one-way- travel systems implemented to facilitate compliance with social distancing regulations. Behm is certain: “Our safety concept ensures that there will not be any jostling or close quarters in Frankfurt’s exhibition halls.”
Source: www.automotive-event.com

Frankfurt exhibition grounds (Photo: Messe Frankfurt/Jaquemin)

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