Lindt Home of Chocolate will open on September 13, 2020


The longingly awaited Lindt Home of Chocolate will open its doors on September 13, 2020. This unique Chocolate Competence Center will feature an interactive exhibition, a research facility with show production, a spectacular 9-meter high chocolate fountain, and it will also allow visitors to take a glance over the shoulders of the renowned Master Chocolatiers. The first Lindt Café, a Chocolateria for chocolate courses and the largest Lindt Chocolate boutique in the world will provide visitors with chocolate delight.
More than 100 million Swiss francs have been invested into this extraordinary building project at Lindt & Sprüngli’s historic headquarters in Kilchberg. Located in the immediate vicinity of Zurich and with connections to the city, the new attraction is set to become an exciting destination for around 350,000 national and international chocolate fans every year.
Besides the multimedia and interactive exhibition with its various focal points, the Lindt Home of Chocolate will also include a research facility with a show production. The exhibition covers around 1,500 square meters and covers themes such as the cultivation of cocoa, the history of chocolate, Swiss chocolate pioneers and chocolate production. Young and old Chocolate fans can learn fascinating information about Switzerland as a chocolate country and discover a number of secrets about how chocolate is produced.
At the end of the information-packed tour through the museum, another highlight awaits visitors: endless fine Lindt creations can be tasted and enjoyed in the “Chocolate Heaven” tasting room. The Lindt Home of Chocolate also hosts the largest Lindt Chocolate boutique in the world and the first Lindt Café in Switzerland. In the new Chocolateria, visitors will be able to create their own chocolate masterpieces under the expert guidance of the Master Chocolatiers. But the heart of the Lindt Home of Chocolate is the chocolate fountain with over nine meters in height in the entrance area.